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One of the most common reasons why people tend to seek dental assistance is Discoloration of teeth. Even people having dentitions with normal color willingly go for teeth whitening procedures or teeth bleaching procedures. Everyone wants to get a best teeth whitener to make teeth cleaner. But, before they can ask their dentists for an appointment, people aim towards gathering as much information and tips as they can get their hands on about dental whitening and teeth cleaning. That's the reason why we have created this website, for the better understanding of best teeth whitening tips among the masses.

What purpose do we serve?
Teeth whitening is undergoing enormous changes with the passage of time. Many new ideas and enhanced concepts on how to achieve a perfect white smile that would last long, have been introduced over a period. Our job is to keep you updated with the latest developments, pros and cons and news concerning instruments,equipments, latest teeth whitening materials/products, different procedures and techniques that are involved in best dental whitening and teeth cleaning. We will also share, with you, easy to use at home teeth whitening tips.

Who can benefit from our Teeth Whitening Tips and Lessons?
Anyone who is not familiar with teeth whitening can go through our pages for a complete information on the topics such as what is dental or teeth whitening? How it is done? and what are its effects? etc. The dental students will also take benefit from these resources and information.

How will they benefit from these dental whitening tips?
From the articles,  illustrations with tables, colored photographs, drawings and diagrams that are included for maximum understanding, users will be get the perfect and best teeth whitening tips that really work. We will also discuss the natural teeth whitening methods in detail, explaining their benefits and disadvantages etc. You need to care your teeth because the importance of good and healthy teeth in your body is vital.

What is unique about our best teeth whitening website?

  • You can share your views and experiences with us. We are the dentists so don't be afraid. We can guide you.
  • Ask our experts for advices related to your dental problems or teeth whitening tips.
  • You will find many home remedies, on how to enhance and maintain that pearly white smile of yours and make it last longer, that have been tested and proven to be effective.

Our Hope
We sincerely hope that you will benefit from all the information that is contained in this website about best teeth whitening tips.

And remember... your smile is priceless...

So, Take care of it and keep shining!

Dr. S.Ummarah.T

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Lemon Juice And Tooth Enamel

Lemon juice is effective in cleaning your teeth but its effect on tooth enamel is not good.

The list of best teeth whitening gels is very long. The best product is the one recommended by your dentist after examining your teeth and the gel.

Natural Teeth Whitening

The natural teeth whitening methods with their associated advantages and disadvantages are discussed. Easy and natural methods that can be used while at home.

Gray Teeth Whitening

In this article we will be talking about the gray teeth and gray teeth whitening methods and solutions. We will also discuss that what are the common reasons and causes of the gray teeth and will see how to treat this condition. We will also discuss that are gray teeth always bad or not?

You can use any or all of these home teeth whitening tips and remedies to make your teeth white and clean and to prevent yourself from any dental issues. But if you feel that by using any of these tips, you are not observing any positive effect or observing some side effects then you should stop using these tips.

Following options are available for the Treatment of teeth discolorations and to remove teeth stains:
1- OTC (over-the-counter dental products), 2- Removal of surface stains through Scaling, 3- Bleaching (Teeth whitening),
4- Microabrasion, 5- Macroabrasion, 6- Veneers and 7- Crowns.

The teeth discolorations or teeth stains may be of 2 types. The simple type is LOCALIZED STAINS or Localized teeth discoloration. It means that stains or discoloration may be present on a single tooth or a specific part of a tooth. The other type is the GENERALIZED teeth coloration or teeth stains. It means that it may involve the entire tooth or several teeth.

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